Sean A. McGee - ElectroTango Composer

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Asked to provide a suitable theme for this sporting interest DVD release. Also, an extended loop of the original theme was required to pad out the script. Approx running time 90 mins.

CLIENT 'Lee Cashman' PRODUCTION COMPANY 'Lee Cashman Archives'.


A series of hour long DVD's from London history utilising ITN archive material as well as some freshly shot sequences. All timed at approx 1 hour:

London East End 1900's to 1930's
London East End 1940's to 1970's
We Ruled London - The Story of the Krays
London's Lost Docks
London's Railways - 1920's to 1970's
London in the Fifties parts 1 & 2
Haunted London

Plus a full collection of trailers and other promotional compositions.

CLIENT & PRODUCTION COMPANY: 'Independent Studios UK Ltd'
On sale throughout the eastern region and in London stores including HMV and Waterstones


A series of DVD's all timed at 1-hour approx, showing various facets of East Anglian life using archive footage:

The Broads - A Norfolk And Suffolk Treasure
Norfolk Past - The County Our Parents Knew
Suffolk Past - The County Our Parents Knew
Norfolk Coast - 1920's to 1970's
Floods of East Anglia - 1912 to 1953
The Home Front - East Anglia at War
G.I Airmen in East Anglia
Norwich in the Fifties
Working the Land - Farm Life in East Anglia
Railways of East Anglia - 1900's to 1980's
Essex Past parts 1 & 2 - The County Our Parents Knew
Ipswich Past - The Town Our Parents Knew
The Lost Railways of East Anglia
Memories of the Essex Coast
Memories of Cambridgeshire and the Fens parts 1 & 2
Bedfordshire Memories parts 1 & 2
Southend Past - The Town Our Parents Knew
Women in East Anglia - Wartime Lives
Women in East Anglia - Working Lives
Ghosts of East Anglia
Yarmouth in Days Gone By
Memories of Hertfordshire parts 1 & 2
Here Was The News - 1960 parts 1 & 2
Norwich in the Sixties parts 1 & 2
Norwich Before the War
Ipswich in the Sixties
Yarmouth in The Sixties
Colchester and Chelmsford in the Sixties.

CLIENT: 'East Anglian Film Archive'. PRODUCTION COMPANY: 'Independent Studios UK Ltd'
These DVD's are currently on sale throughout East Anglia and have been featured on many local Television and Radio programmes.


WW2 documentary timed at 1-hour approx, showing the American Airforce in England during wartime.

CLIENT/PRODUCTION COMPANY: 'Independent Studios UK Ltd'.
This film originally sold well in East Anglia. It has now been picked up for Satellite Television and is also showing in Poland.


A pilot made for BBC submission timed at 30 mins approx.

CLIENT/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Andrew Gray / Independent Studios UK Ltd'.
Love story set against the horrors of the trenches of WW1.


Short of 15 mins approx. Science fiction short, which showed at the Raindance Festival

CLIENT 'Liam Winn' PRODUCTION COMPANY: 'Dealing With It Films'.

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