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Hi my Tango friends. Today is the first day of the new look website! YAY!!
Also ...........
It's been a long time here at Tango Heights, but I'm proud to announce that I'm finally back in the studio to finish works on the follow up to 'NEBULOSA'.
Currently entitled, 'MILONGA ELECTRICA' the new album will feature more aspects of my playing and writing style. I'm sure you'll all love it as much as I do and I'm looking forward to hearing your comments.

Watch out for some exciting musical developments after the September Festival show!!
.......the Tango revolution is coming!!

I've been booked to perform at the London Thames Festival.
I'll be appearing onstage at The Scoop, Tower Bridge, London on Saturday, September 10th 2011.

It's a free hour long ElectroTango show and we're on as the sun sets on the river.
We really hope some of you can come along.
Come over and say 'hi'!
For those 'latin' fans amongst you, you'll be in for a huge treat as my drummer for the show has played with some of the worlds top Latin acts.
Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Shakira to name a few.
He's also appeared with Courtney Pine on the Jools Holland show.


Ok, Its Valentines, I hope you all have a wonderful & romantic time!

Well, it's been several months since I updated the news on the site so I thought I should bring everyone bang up to speed.
Since the NEBULOSA album launch back in September, we've been really busy with promotions and lots of interviews. The BBC ran a story about me on there main website and I'll get a link on here asap!
I've also been invited as a 'special' guest to Vincent & Flavia's March Hare Ball this coming March.
I'm really looking forward to meeting a lot of you there and signing a few copys of NEBULOSA as well.
Also, I'm hoping to capture some video of the evening to make a podcast.
The posters for the event are just back from the printers and look totally FAB!!
I shall also have a some flyers with me too, although there has been a hitch in the print process which will hopefully be rectified by then!

In other news, Flavia and I have become 'Tweet' buddies on Twitter.
It's great to be able to chat with your heroes in this way.

In fact, it's led to something REALLY cool!

I've recently finished the 1st track to NEBULOSA's sequel, a really moody piece which has been inspired by the B/W espionage movies of the 50s & 60s.
I 'tweeted' Flavia to ask her if she'd like to have the honour of naming it and she accepted.
On Thursday, Feb 10th, 'PENSIERO' came into being! I love the title and it translates as something extremely apt, 'THOUGHT'!!

'Til the next time!

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