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KLFM very kindly did a half hour feature on me for 'The Sunday Session' show.
I was basically there to plug the album and talk all things 'NEBULOSA' and Vincent & Flavia.
I even managed to tell the '3 Years Too Late? story............which was nice ;-)
Watch a brief video here
I'll post the full interview audio in the coming days.


Hello my friends!
As you're all aware I've been away from the web recently to
concentrate on mixing and mastering my debut ElectroTango
album, 'Nebulosa'.

It's now 'in the can' and I've been hitting the promotion trail.

**I have a HUGE announcement to make.**

I wrote recently to Vincent & Flavia who feature regularly on the
hit BBC show, 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

I was interested to hear what they thought to my Tangos as I'd previously
introduced myself to them as a budding composer for dance.
The response has been a huge surprise!

Not only do they 'love' the album, but they'd like to be featured in the artwork,
sell the album on their own website (, sell the album
as a part of any merchandising opportunities they take and where appropriate
mention the album in the media!

To those of you who know me personally, you will be aware how inspirational
Flavia & Vincent are to me and so this has to go on record as a dream opportunity.

As a part of their belief in the album we are all trying to arrange a really great
launch party. Several venues have been noted but we are very, very keen on one.

I can't say anything more at this stage but what I can say is that I will be there,
hopefully Flavia can be there and maybe Vincent also.

It could be a great opportunity to grab some lovely photos with them.
We'll also be autographing copies of the album which you'll be able to buy on
the night or order from my SHOP tab very soon!

So, 'til the next time......

Ciao ;-)


It's been a while since I last updated the site so here is the first stage of a
full site overhaul complete!
Since I last posted, I've finished my debut Electro/Nuevo Tango album and
posted some info on the site under the 'Nebulosa' tab on the new lefthand side menu.
My dancing has also taken off and Linzi and I are taking a bronze medal
IDTA exam in the middle of June.
We've also just been to our first milonga which we enjoyed immensely.
I'll be posting some photos in the coming days.

Still can't sit here chatting for too long, we're off.......dancing!!

'Til the next time.


I've posted a brand new track from my up and coming Argentine Tango album.
It's been a total labour of love and there's been an equal mix of blood, sweat and tears!
I hope you all will like it and I look forward to reading your comments.

More news soon.

Take it easy.


I've rearranged the site slightly. Now ALL music is to be found under the
music tab.

Also, I've added some new sub-sections. Trailers/Shorts and Wedding Music.
These menus give you some more examples of what I've been upto!

The music for Dance idea is gathering speed nicely and I'm getting some
extremely positive feedback from some of the top people in the industry.

So next up are , more dance related tunes, another contract with I.S.U.K
and a few more shorts.

It's all go!

'Til the next time.
Take it easy.



As promised the 'Beware of What You Wish For' tracks have been uploaded to the
Audio tab. I very much hope you like them!

On to another item.
For several months as some of you will already know, I've been developing
a new music based product to add to my growing list of services.
I'm now ready to launch my latest venture.

This year Linzi and I have taken up social dancing and have a few
hours tuition a week.
It's very quickly become apparent to me that the music available to
dance to, whilst being safe, is very staid in it's delivery and not at all
inspirational. This gives me an idea.

Could I compose music aimed squarely at the dance fraternity?
Something I posed to my dance instructor.
His response was an overwhelming 'absolutely'!
It seems that there is a growing feeling of negativity towards the
'old standards'.
Time to create some 'new standards'!

So to sum up, not only will I be writing music for dance in general
but also, hoping to work with some of the elite professional dancers,
writing music to compliment their specific routines.
Imagine the possibilities, having a great lift or move that you just
can't find the right place for.

Put simply, now you can!

I'll write the music to your choreography, removing ALL limitations
on elements.
I'm hoping to secure the backing of several Pro couples in the
coming months and hope to hear from anyone interested in talking
with me further.

'Til the next time.



I've just received the word that my latest project,
'Beware of What You Wish For' has just been signed off and that everyone
involved thinks it looks fantastic. I must say that I'm extremely pleased
with the music for the film and I think it really compliments the
onscreen performances in a dramatic yet subtle way.
Both Jane and , director Patricia, have been wonderful to work with
and we've had many fascinating discusions about the film business
and days gone by. I feel truely inspired to to have worked with them
and hope to do so again in the future.

So to the present, I'll be tied up on some more of our historical DVD's
for the next few weeks and then I move onto some more short projects.
In the meantime I'll be putting up some clips from
'Beware of What You Wish For' to keep us all up to date.



I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on a new and very
exciting project.

'Beware of What You Wish For' is a pilot short and features a
fantastic cast including,
Jane Merrow (The Lion In Winter), Malcolm Tierney (Lovejoy)
& Martin Jarvis.

I was contacted recently by Jane and after a successful meeting we've
agreed that I'm to write and perform the score.

The story is based on the 'chiller', 'The Monkey's Paw' and it is hoped
by all that we can secure funding to make a full series.

More news soon.


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