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I am a musician.
As a composer I have worked for independent film & TV projects and until a short time ago I was also the long haired 'Extreme Metal' lead guitarist, with successful British band, 'Thirteenth Sign'.

One Saturday evening a few years ago I decided to switch on the BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing' show. It just so happens that the week I watched was to feature an Argentine Tango demonstration by Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace.

WOW!.... I was mesmerised. The dancers. The music.

So excited was I by the sheer 'heart to heart and depth of soul connection' that this Tango could bring, it brought into question my whole envolvement and reason for working within the heavy metal scene.
There was a real honesty and beauty in the music and dance that I didn't have playing heavy metal every week. And as I'd already worked with film I understood how the music and emotion connection worked perfectly well. Dance was a new and exciting world to me and to be completely honest, I wanted 'in'.

I quit the band!!!!!

So 18 months ago I managed to track down a local Argentine Tango class and myself and my fiancee, Linzi, tripped along as soon as we could. From the very first bar of music and 'basic' steps, we were hooked.
Being musical I've obviously found something really exciting in the music we've been dancing to, especially that of the ElectroTango of bands such as, Gotan Project, BajaFondo and Tanghetto. We've since continued regular classes and milongas and are now taking IDTA medals.

Now the story takes a really exciting and sensational twist!

Last February, I booked tickets to see my now 'dance idols', Vincent & Flavia, in a local show at St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Afterwards I was fortunate enough to have a brief word with them. I wanted to know if anyone had ever written bespoke music for them before? I'd had a vague idea of writing fresh new music along side new choreography for quite a while and wanted to gauge their interest in such an idea.

To my extremely pleasant surprise they loved it but as Flavia told me they were so tied up with 'Strictly Come Dancing' that they could not do anything at that moment, but I was to stay in touch for the future.
The one thing that really stuck in my mind was when Flavia said, "Where were you 3 years ago"?? Apparently they'd been looking for someone to do this very thing and couldn't find anyone! It was this specific comment and my slightly 'blue' reaction to it that led me to write my very first ElectroTango track!
The track, '3 Years To Late?' was to be the first of many!

I took the tune to my dance class and we all danced through it together. To my surprise the result was one of sheer excitement from both the whole class and my dance instructors. Everybody said, "You must do an album, you MUST do an album!!" So to raise funds, I sold some of my heavy metal band equipment and invested in some new professional music equipment to make the best ElectroTango album I could. I wrote solidly for 4 months and by the summer of 2010 I'd completed the album.
'NEBULOSA' was born!

It was whilst finalising all the artwork that I decided I'd like Vincent & Flavia to hear the album as If it hadn't been for the conversation we'd all had back in the February, this project would not exist. I was hoping they might be able to give me a brief testimonial as to the quality of my work Several weeks passed and I continued with the artwork. Then, the Thursday before I was to sent the album off for pressing I got an email that has changed my life!

Vincent & Flavia absolutely LOVED the album!!

After many excited emails flew back and forth we released the CD in September and by Christmas had covered all the production costs. We've sold well in the UK as well as to the USA & Australia.

I also sent the CD down to the organiser of London's RiverTango festival and he loves it so much that I have an open offer to perform with a band at one of his festival's!! I 've also been asked to perform on the continent. I've been featured on my all my local BBC radio stations as well as independent radio and national press.

The BBC website also ran this story on me:

I'm currently writing the 'difficult' 2nd album but I have to say..........the Tango is still flowing through my veins today! I'm hugely proud to note that Flavia has named the first completed track, 'Pensiero' (Italian for 'thought') I'm looking to find a record company to work with this time and the plan for this year is to complete the new album and put together a line up of top musicians to take the 'UK ElectroTango' on the road.

I'm now a dancer AND a 'transformed' musician.
I think this counts as an unusual Tango story........Extreme Heavy Metal to Mellow ElectroTango!!

I REALLY hope you do too ;-)

Thank you.
Sean A.McGee

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